Barbecue Finds Its Seoul – Out magazine

Before you hang up your grilling tongs for the cold months, consider Korean barbecue for one last hurrah. This adventurous crowd-pleaser is finally getting its due stateside: think sliced beef, chicken, or lamb in a bold marinade of soy, garlic, sesame, ginger — and just enough sugar to balance but not smother.

Seoul-born, Los Angeles–raised chef Roy Choi is the poster boy for Korean barbecue, and he ate plenty of it as a boy (“A normal Monday night felt like carnival,” he says). Only in multi-culti L.A. would that boy grow up to serve Korean-barbecued beef in tacos from a humble catering truck. And only in America would that truck, Kogi, land Choi on Food & Wine‘s Best New Chefs list and spark a new food movement.

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