Allergies in the air: carry-on pets meet allergic passengers

Everywhere you go these days, it seems, you see travellers with pets. One thing that’s age-old, though: pet allergies. So perhaps it was inevitable that a flying Fido would come into contact with a severely allergic passenger, as in the following note from a traveller:

‘A few weeks ago I was on a flight from SFO to JFK. We sat at the gate for far too long because there was a bit of a to-do in the front of the cabin. It turns out that there was a person with a small dog in a carrier sitting near a person with severe allergies. Neither would volunteer to go on a later flight, so the airline removed the allergic passenger, presumably because it wouldn’t be safe to allow them to fly with the potential for a severe allergic reaction in flight. In summary: a freeloading dog trumped a paying customer.’