Tokyo City Guide – Lonely Planet

Tokyo City GuideCo-authored by Andrew Bender

Here’s an Excerpt: 

“We’ve heard even the most intrepid of travellers say that they’re intimidated by Tokyo, so let’s dispense with the fears first: language barrier, illegible signs and menus, crowds, high prices, getting lost. Yes.

“And no. A little preparation (hint: you’re reading it now) goes a long way. While it’s true that Japanese generally speak less English than do people in many other Asian countries, English signage and picture menus are increasingly common. Moments of peace can be had even in the must unexpected places (subway cars are typically silent). One quickly figures out the gap between need-to-spend and want-to-spend, and, if you’re standing on a street corner trying to make sense of a map, don’t be surprised if a stranger approaches offering help.

“Now that that’s out of the way, get ready to get wowed.”

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