This Holiday, Send Your Stuffed Animal on a Luxury Vacation Overseas

Finished your holiday gift shopping? Good for you! But after you’ve taken care of Mom & Dad, the kids, dear sweet Aunt Millie, the housekeeper and the dog, there’s one member of your household you may have forgotten: your stuffed animal. Who else provides unflagging companionship and never asks for anything in return? (Granted, it’s because they can’t, but go with me here, people.)

This holiday, why not give Teddy, Cupcake or Mr. Peepers a well earned break, with an all-expenses paid vacation to exotic Japan or romantic France? Specialty tour operators there let you mail in your faux-furry friends, escort them for sightseeing, meals and activities, and send them home with photos of their once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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