Museum Of Ice Cream Is The Hottest Ticket In Los Angeles

First things first: the Museum of Ice Cream isn’t a traditional museum. You won’t learn a ton about ice cream except that it’s frickin’ delicious, but you already knew that or else you wouldn’t be reading this. And at $29 a ticket ($18 for kids), it ain’t cheap. Nonetheless, pretty much as soon as the museum opened last weekend in Los Angeles, tickets sold out quick as a lick through the entire month of May.

What it is is an immersive experience, 10 candy-colored galleries with installations of ice cream-themed art and a little bit of science, and samples of sweet, sweet frozen goodness along the way. From the gallery of suspended bananas to rooms of giant melted popsicles, big-as-you gummi bears and a swimming pool full of sprinkles, the whole place seems custom designed to be Instagrammed, while all around you, feel good pop hits stream through the air: “Happy Together” indeed.

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