LA: Way Beyond Hollywood – Singapore Airlines

Traditional Aztec dance on Olvera Street, birthplace of LA.

What’s not to like about Los Angeles, or LA as it is fondly known? The city is epitomised by glitz, glam, the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, haute hotels and luxe nightlife on the Sunset Strip, sizzling shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and the fabulous sunset over the multi-million-dollar beach houses of Malibu. But in this county of nearly 10 million people – it’s America’s largest – there’s a whole other world of eclectic neighbourhoods worth exploring.

Some are so authentically ethnic they feel like a trip to another country. Others are the symbol of LA’s global reputation as one of the capitals of creativity. Here are three clustered in downtown LA, and two others outside of the city centre. Most are reachable by the city’s new light rail system, helping you avoid something else LA is famous for: traffic.

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