Ice Queen – Out magazine

Photography by Ed Anderson

Mexico City native Fany Gerson has lived happily in New York City for 11 years, but for all the diversity of America’s largest metropolis, there was one taste she couldn’t find: paletas, or Mexican ice pops. “One of the first things I do every time I go home is go to the paleteria,” she says. “I get one to eat there and a whole bag to take home.”

So in that most American of fashions, Gerson started a paleta company, in Brooklyn, and has just published a cookbook. Paletas (Ten Speed Press, $16.99) includes a couple dozen recipes, plus chapters on raspados (shaved ices) and aguas frescas (refreshing drinks). Flavors run from the sweet (strawberry-horchata, hibiscus-raspberry) to the savory (avocado) and the boozy (spiced tomato-tequila).

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