How Much Would You Pay For Shorter Airport Security Lines? –

Post-TSA zone at Milwaukee's airport. Photo credit: General Mitchell International Airport

Summer vacation always brings back memories of…airport security nightmares. In the last 12 months alone, I’ve waited 25 minutes in security lines at Palm Beach International Airport, 30 minutes at Chicago-O’Hare and 45 minutes at Vancouver, a new record (congratulations, YVR!). This month, it took 22 minutes to advance five feet at LAX’s Terminal 2 (excuse: the Transportation Security Administration’s screener was being trained). And I’m a “preferred” traveler.

What would you give to have back that precious time? According to a survey by the Washington, DC-based  travel advocacy group U.S. Travel Association, 75 percent of business travelers would fork over up to $150 to enroll in a “trusted traveler” program. 61 percent of frequent leisure travelers said the same.

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