COVID And Hotels: What You Need To Know For A Safe Stay

It’s the peak of summer, and normally you might be on vacation with friends and family. But not this year: COVID-19 infections are rampant in much of the United States, and new hotspots seem to be emerging daily.

Amid it all, you’re worried about dear old mom and dad – you haven’t seen them since Christmas and sure could use a (physically distant) check-in to make sure they’re OK. Or maybe after four months of stay-at-home you and your family just. Can’t. Take. It. Anymore. And you need a dose of fresh air, sunshine and the open road.

Experts pretty much all still agree that you’re safest at home.

But if you do head out, a road trip staying in hotels is a relatively safe option, provided you take precautions. According to rankings published last week by the Texas Medical Association, a typical two-night hotel stay carries low-moderate risk, riskier than grocery shopping or going for a walk, run or bike ride, yet safer than going to a beach, mall or backyard barbecue.

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