Andy’s 10 Rings of NPR in Los Angeles

In LA, you have your choice of public radio stations.

1 – “This American Life” on KCRW and KPCC

2 – Music programming on KCRW

3 – News/public affairs programming on KCRW (especially “Left, Right & Center,” “To the Point,” “Le Show,” “The Business,” “DnA” and “The Treatment”)

4 – News/public affairs programming on KPCC (especially “On the Media,” “Fresh Air,” “Off Ramp,” “Film Week on Air Talk” and “Patt Morrison”)

5 – One broadcast of “Prairie Home Companion” on KPCC

6 – “The Play’s the Thing” on KPCC. Fantastic plays performed for radio by LA Theatre Works. Ranked sixth only because they’re broadcast late Saturday night when nobody’s listening.

7 – KCRW fundraising drive (because they give away cool stuff with your subscription)

8 – The two additional broadcasts of “Prairie Home Companion” each weekend on KPCC. Seriously?

9 – KPCC fundraising drive (hint: give away cool stuff)

10 – “Car Talk” on KPCC

To listen for yourself: visit KCRW (89.9FM or and KPCC (89.3FM or

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