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Los Angeles, San Diego & Southern California  travel guide- 3rd EditionCo-authored by Andrew Bender, and one of the first books in this newly redesigned series with easier-to-use maps, more user-friendly layout and a revamped planning section. Here’s an excerpt written by Andrew Bender:

“There’s no city more American than Los Angeles, with all the good and all the bad that entails. Its people are among the nation’s richest and poorest, most established and newest arrivals, most refined and roughest, most beautiful and most plain, most erudite and most airheaded. Success here can be spectacular, failure equally so.

“What binds Angelenos is that they are seekers. Nearly everyone – or their forebears – arrived by choice. Whether from across the country or across the globe, they were drawn by a dream, be it fame on the silver screen or money to send back to the family. It’s as if America’s dreamers rushed west and stopped where the continent ran out of land.

“They found plenty of company.”

To find out more or purchase this book (I get no royalties from book sales), visit: http://shop.lonelyplanet.com/usa/los-angeles-san-diego-and-southern-california-travel-guide


  1. The link to the radio interview about day trips in Southern California is not available on the website.

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